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for Fasting and Feasting

Narrator Naomi Frederick's soft British accent and thoughtful timing will entrance listeners from the first minutes of this well-balanced biography of Patience Gray, one of the most important but often overlooked food writers of the late twentieth century. Listeners who are unfamiliar with Gray's groundbreaking cookbook, HONEY FROM A WEED, will be fascinated by her fierce independence and her insistence on sticking to her principles, including living off the land with her partner, sculptor Norman Mommens, in a remote and electricity-free corner of southern Italy well into old age. Frederick's varied cadences and believable European accents enhance the vivid prose, and her understated characterizations allow listeners to envision Gray and her contemporaries without hindrance. Gray certainly had her flaws, but Frederick's performance is near perfection.
C.B.L. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2017, Portland, Maine Review Published: DECEMBER 2017
for The Letter for the King

A delightful tale, beautifully narrated.

Great narrator who brings the many characters to life and keeps it interesting

Fantastic story and very well read. Matt Addis did a great job.

The narration was great, and was probably the only reason I stuck with the book.

If I had read it myself, many of the words would have been hard to read, so listening ws much more exciting.

The narrator is very fitting for the story! It feels like your grandfather (or maybe Sir Ristridin himself) is telling you the story while you sit in front of a great fire in a mighty fortress.

for Rape of the Fair Country

Brilliant. Excellent reading, gorgeous prose, couldn't stop listening. Could easily listen to this again today and I have only just finished listening.

More than half a century on from when I first read the book I had the opportunity to listen to an audio download from one of my favourite narrators, Matt Addis, but I worried that he would be unable to do the book justice: there's a substantial cast list, male and female, young and old, all of whom would require slightly different voices. 'Demanding' didn't quite seem to cover a recording such as this, but I've doubted Addis before and discovered that it was unnecessary. I was always aware of which character was speaking and unlike many narrators there was never any 'bleed back' into the narrator's natural voice when a character was speaking. It's a five-star book with a five-star narration.

What I loved about the book was the simple but extremely powerful narrative style which Matt Addis captured brilliantly. The characters all had their own personalities, which is quite a feat with such a cast of supporting roles, and he brought a warm lilt to the narrative; like the style of the book itself, his storytelling was subtle yet powerful.

I found it easy to listen to and very compelling, there was a consistency in the performance which never made the recording boring, I thought it was a great performance.

A hugely captivating novel, where love, family and political struggle go hand in hand. Matt Addis's storytelling is rich and immersive, with countless characters given a voice and individuality enough to be easily recognisable. After listening to 11 hours of this I'm itching for more, and would highly recommend to anyone who likes good storytelling and lilting welsh.
for SEO for SMEs

Great info and well narrated. Really useful info for anyone looking to understand SEO for the business. Also a nice smooth read and engaging author which is unusual for a book in this category.

for The Stone Man

Wonderful, will listen again.

This was the first Matt Addis audio I've listened to and I thought he did a brilliant job...I couldn't fault it. I loved his portrayal of the main characters, and he even did a decent female voice. He also sounded like he actually enjoyed reading the book which seems to be missing from a lot of the narrators I've come across on audible. After finishing The Stone Man I immediately looked for other audio titles by Luke Smitherd and on finding none I then went searching through everything Matt Addis has narrated to see what else I could listen to.

I've never heard Matt Addis's narration before but to be sure, I will look for more that he has read. He is very, very good and pulled me right into the story. Besides, I love his accent!

Narrative was brilliant too. Really easy to listen to.

Great narrator also, he did a great job and really brought the characters to life. A thrilling listen and would recommend highly!

Matt Addis delivered a compelling performance of this highly entertaining novel.

It's one those books that is so interesting you rip through it . With a good choice of narrator, I hope more of this author's work is on Audible soon. 10 out of 10

The narrator was excellent.

I had already read the kindle version of this story but was very excited to get a chance to listen to it. Matt Addis provided so much additional character and emotion to an already wonderful story. Luke Smitherd is one of my favorite authors and it was so fun to hear him voice the afterword similar to the ones he writes after each book. Looking forward to the next, as always.

I haven't read the paper copy but always prefer audio if the narration is good...and Matt Addis was perfect.

I really enjoyed this book. The lead character's story is told from an unusual perspective, adding to the atmosphere. I envy the narrator's ability too!

The story and characters are the strength of this work and the narration adds the right punch of life.

Really got caught up in this book. Characters were great. Narration is very good.

The narration is excellent.

As an American, I'd have had a hard time picturing the characters as anything other than American-like people with (cheesy) British accents. Addis' real accent made the characters come to life & really established the setting for me.

Leapt off of the page courtesy of Matt Addis's brilliant narration.

Very distinct, real, and well fleshed out characters delivered with a natural style. He tries the characters on, walks around in their skin and it never becomes 'showy' or detached from the story. His performance enhances a wiry, lean narrative and fleshes out the humanity of each person introduced to the listener - Great work. Very impressive. One of the best Narrators around.
for Before Midnight

Matt Addis does an amazing job bringing such real feeling characters to life. If you like paranormal fantasy this is the book for you. Definitely worth a listen or two.

I just missed out on about 3 hours of sleep because I couldn't stop listening. Feeling tired right now, but it was worth it!

Narrator Matt Addis was new to me, but I knew from the sample this was an auditory match for me; perfect voice, spot on intonations/voices for the characters - and the accents! Smorgasbord for the accent lovers.

Narration was very well done bringing the story to life and keeping you interested and wanting more.

Not only is the story amazing but the voice made me a very happy camper.

Matt Addis, the Reader, did a wonderful job. His cadence, inflections, and voices make listening to his narrations a pleasure.

for Hosts of Rebecca

I listened to an audio download narrated by Matt Addis. I've now listened to four books narrated by him and on the second, third and fourth I've doubted that he could live up to the superb standard of the last book, but yet again I needn't have worried. I am in awe of the fact that he can even keep track of all the different voices, never mind produce them in such a way that I was never in any doubt about which character was speaking. I've said before that it's like listening to a play with added narration, but I can't think of a better way of describing the performance. It's absolutely faultless (so few narrations are) and I'd like not only for him to do the final part of the Mortymer trilogy, but to produce lots more audio books.

Narration reviews

for 13 Things That Don't Make Sense

Really well read by Matt Addis, beautifully paced and clear. Highly recommended.

I had never listened to Matt Addis prior to this audio book... but his narration was superb! His voice seemed perfectly matched to the author's writing style. His performance made the material and the book even better.

This audiobook also has a clear narration, and was a pleasure to listen to.

This is perfectly read by Matt Addis.

for Hamlet, Revenge!

It is an amazingly complex and difficult book to narrate, so I was thrilled (and relieved) to discover that Matt Addis does a superb job. From the Lord Chancellor to the Scottish gardener, from the American philologist to the Hindu Brahmin, his accents come across as effortless and unforced. Even the passages from 'Hamlet' are handled with elegance and a sense of atmosphere. An important performance. Kudos to all involved.

This is beautifully read.

...add the wonderful narration of Matt Addis and you have a simply lovely listening experience.

Overall an excellent narrator.

Great narration. My first Matt Addis, and I'm looking forward to many more.

The best part of this work is the narration. He handles a long list of characters (think War & Peace) with differing voices, accents and emotions, all done extremely well.

Matt Addis reads extremely engagingly and clearly appreciates and understands everything he is reading.

for What's Stopping You?

Matt Addis narrates this story as if it is his own, connecting the listener to the story and the author.

for Mist in the Mirror

Many other locales and situations in the book spring to life with the able narration of Matt Addis. I am so reluctant to have this book end that I have been rationing it out on my walks to make it last!

I thought Matt Addis gave a brilliant performance for all the characters.

for Christmas at Candleshoe

I was pleasantly surprised as it started, the narrator had a voice that made you want to keep listening and I was drawn into the world of the book from the start... Next time I am looking for a book, I might go back to this author especially if the same narrator is reading.

for The Secret Anarchy of Science: Free Radicals

A real joy to listen too as Matt Addis is very clear and engages you to carry on listening especially with what can be a quite dry subject. I will be looking for other books he has narrated. The book is also a fascinating insight into the world of science and Michael Brooks de-constructs the subject very well for non-scientist.

for A Dead Man's Secret

The narrator is a skilled story teller whose accents and characterisation is excellent - in fact one of the best I've heard in a long time!

for Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone

Excellently read by Matt Addis. I highly recommend this version.

for Stop Press

Excellent Appleby. Excellent read.

for The Daffodil Affair

The only reason I have given this book 2 stars is that the reading of it is good if not brilliant.